The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Volunteering in Israel

Nachshon students are active volunteering in the community every week. Volunteer projects range from working with disadvantaged children to simply speaking and listening to the elderly. These programs are not only run by the students, but also planned by them. Nachshon volunteer projects include one-time activities (during trips and excursions) and on-going activities in communities in the vicinity of Nachshon's residence.
Examples of long-term projects:

  • Nachshon students regularly instruct, guide and tutor weak populations in the vicinity of Nachshon. Among them are children of Ethiopian origin, underprivileged children, Bedouin youths and children with special needs.
  • Every year, Nachshon students organize and instruct a holiday camp for a week, during school vacation, for dozens of underprivileged children.
  • As part of an active citizenship project, students exhibit initiative and involvement working with local and national authorities in order to improve different aspects of daily life in Israel. Through the years, Nachshon students have influenced the curriculum in Israeli schools, improved accessibility to public buildings, advocated on behalf of hearing impaired citizens for translations in the media and more.

Examples of volunteer work during trips and excursions:

  • Performing activity days in absorption centers
  • Volunteering for people in need
  • Activities in senior citizens’ homes
  • Visiting hospitals

The experience of planning and performing different social action activities instills care and social awareness and strengthens the students’ confidence as individuals and as a group.

Volunteering in an educational community
In our Nachshon group at Mevo'ot Ha'Negev educational community, we give special emphasis to the connection and mutual activities with the community in which we live. The group is located in an educational campus, which also hosts three Na'aleh groups, the Mevo'ot Ha'Negev experimental school and an education center. Nachshon's cooperation with all these partners is expressed not only in the group's weekly schedule but also in the special ties that are formed between Mechina students, Na'aleh participants and school children.

Once a week, Nachshon students meet with Na'aleh participants for joint activities, forming a basis for personal acquaintance. The connection established between the students continues even after the Mechina year and ends: Last year for example, a warm family-like relationship was created, and Nachshon students invited the Na'aleh participants to join them for holiday meals at Nachshon students' homes. Also, during the week there is constant activity with school children. Nachshon students tutor younger children and share activities of preparation to the military service with the older children. 

In addition, Nachshon takes part in social projects of the Bnei Shimon Regional Council.