The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Individual and Group Development

While living in a group, students go through a process of self examination which leads to the consolidation of an individual and group identity, based on values and morality.
Staff members accompany this process with great sensitivity, and help the students to develop qualities of self consciousness, tolerance, attentiveness, acceptance of others and the ability to receive and provide feedback.

Individual Development
Life at Nachshon is hectic and intensive, and provides an opportunity for the students to take responsibility and experience self-management in the face of various challenges.  Students experience planning and hosting of discussions and lectures, and building and managing of the weekly curriculum. Also, each student continuously examines his or her self in light of new worlds of culture and knowledge and in light of the constant interaction with peers and staff.

This individual process empowers the student and contributes to the consolidation of an identity based on values. The student develops self confidence, curiosity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, care and modesty. In addition, the student’s sense of self achievement and the commitment to improve his or her environment are intensified.

Group Development
The life of the group, with all the rules and principles on which it is based, is shaped by the students themselves. Students experience joint piloting of a mini-society while practicing consideration, reciprocal influence, interpersonal communication and team work. 

The joint piloting of Nachshon is carried out by teams of students, responsible for governing the different fields of activity, alongside the experienced staff: educational programming, social activities, trips and excursions, volunteer projects and almost every aspect of the program.
Discussions and decisions about daily life in the group are conducted democratically by all students.
Life in a diverse and heterogeneous group promotes social awareness and openness and a different, more accepting view of others.