The Israeli Mechina Nachshon


Every Nachshon group is composed of 40-50 students, male and female, who live together as a community and share dormitories as well as learning and dining facilities.

Living Conditions
Accommodations - The Nachshon accommodations are basic dormitories. 5-6 people stay in each room, and bathrooms and showers are located at the end of the hall. Dormitories are separate for male and female students.
The rooms are equipped with bunk beds, closets, tables and chairs. Bedding, blankets, pillows and towels are not provided, so please prepare to bring these things with you or to purchase them in Israel.

You will be provided with three main meals and two snacks (sandwiches and fruit) a day during the entire program, except on free weekends and holidays. 

There are facilities on site to do laundry.

All participants on the program receive complete medical insurance through an Israeli insurance provider.
The insurance policy covers all medical needs that arise while on the program in Israel.
The policy does not cover the following: Treatment or medication for pre-existing conditions that you suffered from prior to your arrival to Israel; Psychiatric or psychological treatment; Medical or luggage insurance for your travel to and from Israel; Treatment for conditions arising before the start of the program or after its completion; Theft or damage to personal belongings while on the program; Any treatment outside of the state of Israel.


The cost of the program is $13500 ( $1000 registration fee) for the academic year. Since the program is part of Masa Israel Journey project, all participants are eligible to apply for a $500 Masa scholarship and receive more money based on financial need. To apply for a Masa scholarship, go to As detailed above, the program provides participants with housing, meals, insurance and all educational programming. Participants should plan to bring a few hundred dollars a month to cover expenses during free weekends, cell phone bills and other personal expenses. Travel to and from Israel is the responsibility of the participant.