The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Working for a Good Society

In 2006, a group of Nachshon graduates established the Hevra Tova (Good Society) organization, thanks to the support of the UJA-Federation of New York. Hevra Tova promotes volunteering and social involvement in Israel, and enables Nachshon graduates to participate in a variety of social action activities together with graduates of other Mechinot, students and thousands of other caring young Israelis. These young adults meet and conduct social initiatives for the benefit of those in need, throughout the country.

Hevra Tova’s website is visited by thousands of people each month, who are exposed to dozens of opportunities for variegated social service activities – in different times, in many places and in a wide range of topics and fields. Hevra Tova works in collaboration with dozens of social organizations in Israel, to make the social world more accessible and create a new kind of volunteering – flexible volunteering, exciting and comfortable, that is adapted to the availability and interests of its clientele, and therefore possible and relevant for each and every one. 

Where do you want to volunteer today?
Every free hour is a good opportunity. Hevra Tova’s website allows you to find volunteer activities at any time and any place. Click here for the full updated schedule.