The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Can Anyone Come to Nachshon?

One of our guiding principles at Nachshon is the heterogeneity of its participants. Nachshon is open to all high school graduates, male and female, provided that they show interest in its topics, genuine intent to take part in the educational process and care for the future of the Israeli society. Nachson provides a pluralistic environment which welcomes participants from all religious streams.


Nachshon sees great importance in the participation of immigrants (Olim) from the former Soviet Union and from Ethiopia, and also collaborates with the Masa Israel Journey project in providing an opportunity for North American and worldwide high school graduates to join the Mechina


In addition, Nachshon insists on also accepting some individuals who are at a low level of readiness (phy

sical, mental or emotional) for adult civilian life and/or military service. This is done in order to empower these youths and develop their confidence in their ability to serve in the IDF and become active, productive members of the Israeli society. Their very presence at Nachshon poses an individual and social challenge for the students and places both individual and group, as early as during their period at the Mechina, in demanding situations of the sort they will have to face in the future.



We believe that the openness, tolerance, pluralism and heterogeneity help to bridge the different gaps that are expressed in the Israeli society and to bring its constituents closer to each other.