The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Nachshon NPO

Nachshon NPO (Amuta) is an apolitical group of private individuals who have undertaken the mission to create an educational institute for promoting social leadership based upon values, care and commitment for the future of the Israeli society. The founding members of Nachshon can contently note that their vision is being realized in front of their very eyes: the operation of Nachshon and the engagement of new students each and every year maintain the vitality, creativity and innovation necessary for leadership oriented education among youths. This website will guide you through the educational process and empowering experience that is Nachshon.

Danny Limor, Chairman


Background and Information

Nachshon NPO (Amuta) was founded in 1997 by a group of individuals who saw the Israeli society at one of its lowest points and decided to do something. Two years after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, it seemed that our society had reached the brink of the abyss. This group of people, most of them having served together in regular and reserve military service, understood that in youths lies the power to bring change, to restore proper leadership and to develop  a healthy and just Israeli society. They decided to establish a framework to inspire youths and empower them, so that they would be able to take an active and leading part in building the Israeli state and society.

On a similar conceptual basis to the religious pre-military preparatory programs (Mechinot), which took advantage of the period after high school graduation and before military service, it was decided to establish the first mixed Mechina, for both secular and religious high school graduates.  The purpose of this Mechina - developing qualities of personal and national responsibility, social sensitivity and attention, and a commitment to influence and improve the Israeli society. All this, while providing and acquiring knowledge in varied ways, to create recognition and empathy which will bring about independent views, of both individual and group, ultimately leading to a commitment to take responsibility and action  for a better Israeli society.

The guidelines of the board members of Nachshon, in determining the educational program, were: 


  • Emphasis on the process of acquiring knowledge rather than achievement (no tests or exams). Exposure to knowledge and cultural worlds as a means of conceptual clarification.
  • Modesty, responsibility, mutual help and commitment.
  • Personal example of all those involved - management, staff, lecturers and students.
  • Total lack of political influence.
  • Fostering learning companionship and a social experience. Enhancing the students' strengths and capabilities in order to form a personal and group identity based on values .
  • Process of empowerment, preparation to the military service and  development of leadership ability, in the intention of strengthening one's character and ability to contribute to society.
  • Getting to know sectors and cultures in Israel, fostering a sense of respect  to those who are different by creating a bridge of understanding, dialog and trust.
  • Profound acquaintance with Israeli heritage and Jewish culture in past and present as a basis for recognition of modern Zionist challenges, identification with the spirit of the nation's founding fathers and developing commitment to its continuity.
  • Coping with challenges concerning community action in the fields of society, education, military, economy and more.

Nachshon board members invest their time and money into the project out of a sense of social mission and national necessity. Members represent a wide spectrum of the Israeli society in their views and opinions, ages, and their occupations as educators, businessmen, students and senior members of defense and security services.

Nachshon is a non-profit organization recognized by institutional authorities (Ministry of Interior, the Registrar of Associations, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defense). 

Head of Nachshon NPO is Daniel Limor, who has served and continues to serve in different roles in the Defense Ministry.