The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Educational Process - Leadership as a Way of Life

We at Nachshon see leadership not only as the ability to guide and manage a group of people in an authoritative and decisive manner, but also by individual and social conduct, by taking responsibility, by setting an example for others, and more. The students of Nachshon go through an educational process, which instills leadership as a way of life.

This process is composed of three layers:

A multidisciplinary learning program

The educational experience of Nachshon exposes the students to many different fields of knowledge, in discussions and lectures, in excursions and trips, and in experiential learning. Among our studied topics: education, philosophy, politics, current affairs, communication, economics, Bible, Israeli culture and more.

Individual and group development

While living in a group, students go through a process of self examination which leads to the consolidation of an individual and group identity, based on values and morality. Staff members accompany this process with great sensitivity, and help the students to develop qualities of self consciousness, tolerance, attentiveness, acceptance of others and the ability to receive and provide feedback.

Volunteering in the community

We at Nachshon see great importance in volunteering and community social service. Every week, our students perform volunteer work, either in one of the communities in the vicinity of Nachshon's residence or in sporadic volunteer operations during our trips and excursions.