The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

A word by the Executive Staff

Nachshon was the first Israeli social leadership preparatory program (Mechina). It created, and continues to nurture, a new kind of young leadership in the Israeli society. Its graduates, male and female, secular and religious, coming from varied backgrounds, come out of the educational process with a solid Jewish-Israeli identity, instilled with values and a sense of mission. They seek to influence their society in accordance with their personal tendencies. The graduates of Nachshon strive, in their unique and individual ways, to improve their society and environment. School headmasters, teachers, military officers and commanders, instructors and counselors, political, social or environmental activists, artists - these are just a few examples of graduates' involvement. Doing so, they express the way of Nachshon: Taking responsibility while maintaining an approach based on values.

The experience of Nachshon combines a multidisciplinary learning program with volunteering in the community, excursions and field trips throughout the country, physical and mental preparation for a meaningful military service in the IDF, the nurturing of a solid Jewish-Israeli identity and empowerment of the individual and group. The educational process is accompanied by a large and diverse team of teachers, counselors and both regular and guest lecturers, and is managed by professional educational academics, with instructional and military-command experience. The success of Nachshon is evident not only by the hundreds of graduates who accompany the Mechina years after graduating, but also by more than 15 similar programs that were established following Nachshon, on the basis of its educational philosophy.

Nachshon will continue in the future to carry the flag of education for solidarity, care, tolerance, democracy and the taking of responsibility for a better Israeli society.

Ze’ev Nativ,                                                                    Gilad Olshtein,
Headmaster                                                                   Educational Director