The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Weekly Schedule

The educational programming in Nachshon is designed to give the participants a wide knowledge base in subjects such as Judaism, Jewish and Israeli history and culture, philosophy, environmentalism and more. In addition, the programming emphasizes community involvement and volunteerism, as well as empowerment and leadership training.

Nachshon programming includes:
In weeks
Out weeks
Group Shabbatot

to the weekly schedule

* Nachshon
is a very intensive program. Many days you will find yourself studying or in activities most of the day.

In Weeks
"In" weeks are spent at the Mechina taking classes with leading lecturers. Regular lectures are given on topics such as geopolitics, Zionism, leadership, politics, Jewish identity, philosophy, history, Israeli society. There are also guest lecturers that are invited either by the students or by the counselors. A few times during the year, Nachshon has the pleasure of hosting leading Israeli personalities such as Members of Knesset, Government Ministers and high-ranking officers in the army. Guest speakers usually come only once; however, if the group votes on it the speaker can be invited again. "In" weeks also include physical education and workshops with the Nachshon staff. 
Students are involved in building parts of the curriculum themselves, including both student weeks and students classes. 

  • Student weeks: A team of students working together organizes an entire week's curriculum for the whole group,  with the guidance of the staff. The team  will be in charge of bringing different lecturers, preparing classes, and even organizing trips.
  • Student classes: Every Nachshon student will learn how to prepare and teach a lesson, as part of the leadership skills Nachshon students acquire. 

Out Weeks
"Out" weeks are "hands-on" learning. On "Out" weeks Nachshon students travel through various parts of Israel, allowing the themselves to learn through experiential programming. Some "Out" weeks are activity-packed bus trips, that include sight-seeing and visiting as many places as possible. Other "Out" weeks are dedicated to hiking, learning by travelling through certain areas on foot and seeing them up close.

  • Survival Week: One of the highlights of Nachshon is a full-week outdoor journey, where students face not only the elements of nature, but also mental, physical and emotional challenges, in minimal survival conditions.

Group Shabbatot
Students usually leave the Mechina for Shabbat and the weekend, and spend time with family and friends. However, approximately once a month students stay at Nachshon for Shabbat. The Shabbatot are planned entirely by the students, usually focusing on a specific (changing) theme, and are one of the more cherished aspects of the program. 
Other Shabbatot are free, and students from overseas can spend time with Israeli family and friends. There is also a possibility to arrange Israeli host families for interested students from overseas.