The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Moran Vardi

On July 6th 2004, Capt. Moran Vardi fell during combat, in a military operation against terrorist infrastructure in Nablus. Moran was hit in the head in the first scourge of fire, when he rushed to save the life of one of the wounded warriors. He was twenty-five years old.

Moran Vardi was a student in the very first class of Nachshon (class of 1998). He graduated early from the Mechina in order to join the naval commando. Moran served a full military service with the naval commando, participating, among other operations, in the raid on the "Karine A" terrorist ship. In april 2002, one of Moran's close friends from the service, Nir Krichman, was killed during Operation Defensive Shield (Mivtza Homat Magen). Moran, who was already out of service and travelling abroad, decided to return and volunteered into officer school.

On July 6th 2004, Capt. Moran Vardi lead his team into Nablus on an operation to capture several men wanted for their terrotist activities. Terrorists opened fire on the force, and Moran and several soldiers were hit. The terrorists were killed during the battle, but Moran had also fallen in this combat, just a few months before his release from the army. 

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Every year, Nachshon students hold a competitive race in memory of Moran. 
Moran's family, friends from Nachshon, from home and from his military service, as well as representatives from the naval commando, are invited. At the end of the activity medals are awarded to the winners.

Bicycle trip in memory of Moran Vardi 
Sefer Torah in the name of Moran Vard