The Israeli Mechina Nachshon

Ran Hendifer

Ran Hendifer, graduate of our class of 2002, was killed in a training accident when a Merkava tank mark 4 he commanded turned over. The fatal accident occured close to 11 AM in the Nabi Moussa training area in the Jordan Valley, south of Jericho. Ran, who was so proud to be a Merkava mark 4 tank commander, was killed instantly in circumstances where the "man-machine" connection entails treacherous risks, alongside the high capabilities for which it was meant.

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Commemorative book by Yoni Alfasi, Ran's friend from Nachshon
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After the Mechina and before enlisting, Ran and friends went hiking on the Israel Trail
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Ran's friends from the Mechina built a unique travellers' spot in memory of Ran and invite all of you to come, take a dip in the lake, have a cup of coffee, rest in the shade an read Ran's life story. Click here to view photos of the establishment day, and here to view photos of our trip to the lake in memory of Ran.

Directions to Ran's spot: Travelling south to north, drive towards Nahariyah and turn east on route 89, pass the Cabri junction and reach the Ga'aton junction, where you turn right. After about 200 meters, you come across a sign on the right side. Turn, to reach a dirt road on your left, which you follow all the way down until you arrive at a Mekorot company water system. Park there. Climb up the small hill, and you will be able to see the water reservoir below, where Ran's Spot is located. Here's a map.

For more information about Ran's Spot, please contact Michal Choukroun, +972-52-8345317,