The Israeli Mechina Nachshon


Nachshon was established in 1997 in order to promote a social change by nurturing social leadership based on values among high school graduates from all groups and sectors of the Israeli society. Following several religious Mechinot, Nachshon was the first Mechina open to the general public, and encouraged the establishment of more open Mechinot, alongside the longstanding religious Mechinot. Nachshon is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Defense, and is also supported by funds and private donors.  

Every year, a group of socially aware high school graduates, who care for the future of the Israeli society, arrive at Nachshon. These youngsters dedicate 10 months before their military service to an exploration of their selves and their Israeli society and country.

In the process, they are instilled with the ability and desire to lead, change, educate and influence. The strengthening of their pluralistic-Jewish and Israeli identity, alongside the development of leadership skills, also promote their ability to function as civilians who are responsible, involved, caring and committed to the improvement of the Israeli society and all of its components.

Nachshon is proud to be the first Mechina to enable high school graduates from North America to participate, via the Masa Israel Journey project.

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